Val Easson-Milne

Rait Antiques Centre
By Perth


Telephone: 01821 670379


PLEASE NOTE : We frequently get emails from people asking if we would like to purchase items from them. Unfortunately the person making the enquiry often doesn't state which part of the country they are in or even send a photograph of the item.

We have over 20 dealers here at Rait who are each responsible for buying in their own stock and in order to circulate any email to the dealers we need to know where you are and see what the item looks like from a photo in the first instance. The dealers are unlikely to travel long distances for items they can purchase locally and they need to see a photo (or several) to be able to gauge whether the item has any commercial value or is just an older piece but fairly common.

If you are making such an enquiry then please include as much detail as you can so that it can be considered.  THANK YOU.