Rait Antiques Centre - Our History

Rait Antiques Centre nestles in the idyllic countryside of the Sidlaw foothills, on the edge of Rait village, in the Carse of Gowrie.  This part of Perthshire is steeped in Scottish history having had strong traditional connections with Scone Palace, Fingask Castle and Megginch Castle. The route over the Glen of Rait road was a key thoroughfare for pilgrims and royal entourages from Dunfermline going northwards to Scone and the area was once a retreat and stronghold for Jacobite sympathisers.

 Once a working farm, the conversion to an Antiques Centre started with one shop in ‘83. From this humble beginning the place grew to become the oldest country-based Antiques Centre in Scotland housing over 18 dealers.  The traditional names of the old farm buildings, such as the Turnip Shed, the Cart Shed and the Mill Room, have been retained providing a clue to the roots of each part of the centre.